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Love your color? Keep it vibrant with Aloxxi Hair Care products. Aloxxi, founded by George Schaeffer responding to the needs of stylists who wanted expert hair care for their clients, Aloxxi used their collective expertise to develop products that are proven to give hair gorgeous healthy shine and maintain their color vibrancy.

Aloxxi products have all of the things your hair needs and NONE of the ingredients you don't. The Care, the Style and the InstaBoost lines are free of Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten, Sodium Chloride, Ethanolamines, Phthalates, Talc, Microbeads, Aluminum Compounds, or Formaldehyde in their products that include Hydrating, Volumizing, Essential 7 Oil and Repair formulas. What Aloxxi products do contain is their proprietary ColourCare Complex infused with 10 nutrient rich antioxidants including Pomegranate, White Pine Bark, Grape Seed, Green Tea Leaf, Ginseng, Algae, Bearberry, Chamomile, Licorice Root and Coneflower Extracts, botanicals and oils to protect hair color between salon visits.

The Care line provides Shampoo & Conditioner in formulas too meet every hair need, including Hydrating, Volumizing, Essential 7 Oil, Repair & the amazing Bombshell for body and incredible heat protection. All keep your color from fading as they create healthier, stronger hair.

The Style products are designed to give you control and let you style without harming your hair. Whether you want just extraordinary shine or a volumizing grip, you've got it with Aloxxi!

Aloxxi's Instaboost Conditioning Color Masque is to replace your conditioner after cleansing, depositing gorgeous color and providing intense nourishment and shine. These extra pigmented formulas add intense color to pre-lightened platinum to medium blonde hair, or give a hint of color to dark blonde to light brown hair. Each time you use it, your color choice deepens!

Aloxxi Haircare was created by beauty icon and OPI founder George W. Schaeffer who has a passion for color, quality, and performance. His commitment to unique experiences, valuable customer service and personalized relationship, means Aloxxi delivers.

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