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Keeping Long Hair Healthy


Long hair needs special care to keep it beautiful and healthy. It requires better hair care but takes less time to style. The longer it grows, the more care needs to be taken, especially with the ends. Ends of hair that reach the shoulder has been growing for three years. That means it has been subjected to environmental pollutants, sun, wind, and hard water for three years. It has been shampooed at least 300 shampoos. If you use hot styling tools, color or other chemical treatments, then the poor hair has really suffered.

Keep long hair healthy by following these few simple rules:

  1. Never use a brush to detangle hair after shampoo. Invest in a good quality wide tooth comb such as Cricket's Ultra Smooth Conditioning Comb. It's infused with Argan oil, olive oils, and keratin protein to help your hair maintain a silky finish.
  2. As often as possible, let your hair dry naturally. If you must blow dry, use a cool setting.
  3. Look for a shampoo with Ceramides (these lipids fill gaps in the outer hair cuticle) and Ginseng Root Extract which strengthens the hair.
  4. Long hair MUST be conditioned after every shampoo. Spare the time at least once or twice a week to leave conditioner on the ends for at least three minutes.
  5. Never twist hair, rub hair, or wrap in a towel after your shampoo. This can cause hair to become rough or break. Instead use a soft towel or even a cotton T-shirt to gently blot out excess moisture.
  6. Seal the ends of your hair with a product designed for preventing split ends. Schwarzkopf's BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends is a very good one. Just smooth through your hair ends after shampooing and conditioning and leave in.
  7. Brush hair only with a natural bristle brush. Brushes with the most natural bristles per square inch produce the most luster. There are many on the market and they are worth the investment.
  8. Choose hair accessories with care. Avoid elastic bands and metal barrettes. Use bands that have a smooth fabric cover. Hair sticks are smooth and you can achieve many styles using these. Alice bands not made of plastic are another good choice.
  9. Find a hairdresser that specializes in long hair and won't want to cut it every time you sit in the chair. Then, have your hair trimmed every eight weeks.
  10. Use a silk or satin pillowcase. Cotton pillow cases can catch your hair and break it and can cause hair to dry out.
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