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Find Your Best Skincare Routine for Your Skin Type

You may not have a type, but your skin sure does! Figuring out your skin type is one of the first things you should do before building an ideal skincare routine. Knowing your skin type will help you choose the right products for your skin, so you can avoid any rookie mistakes. Why is that an issue you might ask, well using the wrong products for your skin type can actually do more harm than good! Your skin care is something you want to get right the first time.

There is a lot of information out there, making it hard to pick and choose what works best for you. But not to worry, the Beauty Care Crew has compiled an easy-to-follow guide to help you achieve your best-looking skin yet!

Oily Skin:
Oily skin is caused when you have overactive oil glands. Sometimes this can be caused by genetics or by using the wrong skincare products. If you strip away too much moisture from your skin, it compensates by overproducing oil. The symptoms of oily skin are shine, enlarged pores, greasy texture, and blackheads. You may also be prone to breakouts, caused by oil-clogging pores, and you’ll find that your makeup doesn’t last well in your oily areas.

For oily skin, the Beauty Care Crew recommends gentle cleanser or foaming cleanser, a lightweight skin oil that's non-comedogenic, a lightweight moisturizer or serum, and an oil-free sunscreen. While with oily skin, you may be tempted to use an aggressive cleanser but that is the wrong step. Foaming cleansers help to deeply clean the skin without stripping away natural skin oils and moisture, so your skin won't get confused and overproduce oils. Light skin oils can help add moisture to your skin and help with the overproduction of oils as well. It's important to look for an oil that is non-comedogenic like hempseed, argan, or jojoba oils. Next, you will want to lock in the hydration with a light and oil-free moisturizer or serum, because again even if you have oily skin you need to moisturize your face. Lastly, an oil-free sunscreen. Sunscreen is an important step in any skincare routine to help protect the skin from damaging UV rays and to additionally help with hydration.

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Dry Skin:
Dry skin is caused when the skin's barrier becomes damaged and allows for much-needed moisture to escape and ski irritants to get in! Dry skin typically lacks both oil and water, so you need to focus on adding moisture back in and preventing it from escaping. The symptoms of dry skin are that your skin feels tight, looks dull, lacks elasticity, and feels rough and itchy. Additionally, it often has dry patches and flakiness. Dry skin is also much more prone to sensitivity and to early signs of skin aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

For dry skin, the Beauty Care Crew recommends using a nourishing cleanser or an oil-based cleanser, a hydrating serum, a moisturizer, and of course a sunscreen. Nourishing cleansers help to replenish lost moisture in the skin and help to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Hydrating serums help to boost the skin's natural moisture levels and can also help calm dry and irritated skin. Use a serum that includes Hyaluronic Acid as it helps to draw and attach moisture from the air into your skin. Your moisturizer helps to seal in hydration and skin comfort levels. Look for a lightweight and hard-working moisturizer that will help to protect your skin's moisture barrier. Lastly, we can't forget sunscreen. While it may not be an obvious add for everyone to their skincare routine, it is very important. Mineral sunscreens are ideal for those with dry skin as they are generally suitable for a wide range of skin types.

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Acne-Prone Skin:
Ance-prone skin can be the most challenging skin type. Acne can be caused by a number of different things, ranging from what you eat, genetics, hormones, product use, and even bacteria! The symptoms of acne-prone skin are blackheads, whiteheads, oiliness, and sore, swollen red spots that heal slowly. Depending on the cause of your acne, you might find that your breakouts appear only in certain areas. For example, breakouts on the chin and jawline are usually caused by imbalanced hormones.

For acne-prone skin, the Beauty Care Crew recommends a gentle cleanser, acne treatments, oil-free moisturizers, and sunscreen! Cleansers with ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are ideal for killing acne-causing bacteria. Acne treatments can also include these key ingredients, and retinols are also great for acne-prone skin types. While we know it may seem counterproductive to you to use a moisturizer, it's really not. After applying acne-kiling ingredients to your skin it tends to be very dry. By providing a layer of moisture, skin is soothed and is less likely to overproduce oil. Lastly sunscreen for the daytime! This is an important last step especially if you're using exfoliating ingredients or acne treatments since these can make the skin more sensitive to sun damage.

Product recommendations:

Combination Skin:
Combination is skin is neither oily nor dry, in fact, it’s both! With that being said it can sometimes be confusing to choose the right products for you. The main symptoms of combo skin are excess oil, clogged pores, and shine in your T-zone, but you’ll also have dry patches (with flakiness and redness) in areas such as your cheeks, jaw, or hairline.

Combination skin should be treated similarly to Acne-prone skin, with a gentle cleanser, exfoliant, hydrating serums, moisturizer, and of course sunscreen. Don't be tempted to use a harsh cleanser, they don't help keep the shine away for long and will only dry out your drier areas even more. For an exfoliant, also use something gentle this will help with excess oils, dead skin cells, and clogged pores. Hydrating serums are moisture magnets that attract moisture from the air into the skin. A great option is a Hyaluronic acid serum. For your moisturizer use an oil-free moisturizer, these contain emollients that act like an oil, helping to seal in hydration. Lastly, your sunscreen should also be a lightweight one so you can comfortably use it all over your face.

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Mature Skin:
As your skin matures, it begins to show the unwanted signs of aging as well. From your early to mid-twenties, our bodies begin to produce less elastin and collagen. These proteins are the building blocks needed for your skin to remain plump and firm. When these proteins begin to lessen, it leads to the skin being looser and thinner, which then causes lines and wrinkles to form easily. Age can also affect the skin's moisture levels, so your skin tends to get drier as you get older.

For maturing skin, the Beauty Care Crew recommends using a vitamin C serum in the morning and a retinol at night to achieve the best skincare benefits. Also, including a sunscreen is important especially if you're using retinol. By using these few new additions and a good moisturizer daily you can make a noticeable difference in your skin.

Product recommendations:

Finding the proper products for your skin type can dramatically change how you feel about your skin! Not to mention how your skin looks. Beauty Care Choices has a wide variety of different options to help you decide what works best for your skin. Shop all our skincare collections and get your routine rolling with the best.

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