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Yon-Ka, is a 100% French professional skin care brand. They provide an alternative answer and a complement to the medical aesthetic techniques like Botox, hyaluronic acid injections and their immediate dramatic results. These techniques are very efficient, yet not without risk. Yon-Ka relies on the power of the essential oils and plant extracts combined with "gold standard" actives such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, peptides and AHAs in order to target skin aging and address all the potential issues of the skin. Yon-Ka enables you to follow a fundamental routine to take control of the quality of your skin and help it resist the passing of time in the most appropriate manner.

YonKa Brand Lines include Age Correction, Age Defense, Age Exception, Body Essentials, Body Specifics, Solar Care and YonKa for Men.


Yon-Ka is a 100% French: it was created in 1954 by the Mühlethaler family who had a passion for botany. Pioneers in aromatherapy and phytotherapy, Cecile, Ernest and Charles Mühlethaler establish the Multaler laboratories in 1954, with a rich body of ancestral and empiric knowledge which they shared at the time only with a very few scientists, chemists and physicians.

At first, their focus was on the subtle aromas of the plants and their essential oils charged with solar energy. They experiment on themselves and their relatives to discover the many therapeutic benefits essential oils offer: purifying, healing, psychotropic.

Their research lead them to a major breakthrough: the Quintessence , a unique blend of 5 essential oils, all from the Mediterranean and which became the cornerstone of their future skin care range.

As of 1968, the Mühlethaler sisters, Catherine (an aesthetician) and Francoise (a biochemist) lead the company, giving a new international impulse to the brand, notably in the United-States. Today, Yon-Ka is present in 56 countries through a network of beauty salons, spas and aesthetic clinics.

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