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Find Your Perfect Hairspray

We know the frustrations of spending hours on a killer do, only to have it fall limp and lifeless by noon. While the typical instinct is to pile on the sprays, adding more can only make it better right? Most of the time this is not exactly accurate, you then run the risk of having that dreaded helmet head crunch.

As we all know, there isn't one specific product for everyone but we do have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you find the spray that best suits your hair goals.

Different Types of Hold

Light Hold

  • Light hold hair sprays can last for a few hours and offer only temporary hold. These sprays can be easily brushed out and combed through.

Medium Hold

  • Not too strong, but not too light. Medium hold hair sprays provide a moldable hold that can be manipulated and easily re-styled later in the day.

Firm Hold

  • Designed to hold your style for hours, from hold sprays are great for up-styles. These types of sprays are also ideal for hard-to-manage hair types and those looking to maintain their style all day, and night!

Different Types of Sprays

Texture Sprays: Texture sprays are great for giving a more lived-in style. These work well with all hair types, but especially curls! These help to hold your curl pattern in place without weighing the hair down. Not to mention texture sprays also add incredible bounce and create the illusion of full-bodied locks.

Volume Sprays: Say bye-bye to hair that falls flat and limp! Volumizing sprays are more lightweight and won't pull hair flat. Volumizing hairspray is the key to giving your locks that extra oomph! Whether you're wanting to create a big bouncy blowout, or give your hair a fuller overall look volume sprays are key.

Working Sprays: Your everyday side-kick, working sprays are moldable and re-workable and are ideal for a daily use styling spray.

Firm Hold Sprays: Your up-do hero! Firm hold sprays allow you to place a hair where you want to, spray and have it stay! Firm hold sprays work best with medium to coarse hair types as they can be on the heavy side.

The right hairspray can change your hair game, so let the beauty experts at Beauty Care Choices help you be choosy!

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