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Curling Irons

Curling Irons - so many types to choose from, so many ways to use them. It's a challenge. Using a curling iron incorrectly or the wrong type of iron for the curl you want can lead to hair damage or style disaster or both. So, what's the answer. Read on to find what's the best curling iron for your style.

Spring Curling Iron
This curling iron type is the most common & best known because it is easy to use because it holds hair in place during curling. You get uniformity in curl shape - a perfect spiral from root to tip. It is usually made of ceramic or tourmaline.

Depending on the barrel sizes (generally from .75 inches to 1.5 inches), you can opt for any type of styling from firm spiral curls to beachy waves. However, spring curling irons produce a more polished and sculptured curl. For women with dry and undernourished hairs, this type of curling irons is the best due to highly nutritive barrels.

Clipless Styling Wand
A regular, or cylindrical, curling wand is essentially a curling iron without the clip. Instead of sliding the hair around the barrel, under the clip, you just wrap your hair around it and hold it there for a few seconds to get a curl. These are exceptionally easy to use, although they are a little more dangerous. You'll be handling the hair directly over the heated element, so be sure to use caution.

These are great for large curls, which you can also brush out into waves. We also recommend them for anyone with longer or thicker hair. The larger surface area and better control can help you judge if you're getting a curl that will hold down the length of your hair.

One potential downside, is that you may end up with a little "tail" at the end of the curl. Tails occur because it can be difficult to get the very ends of your hair wrapped around the barrels when you're holding them. For everyday use, this isn't really a problem, and when you get the hang of using a wand, you'll be able to make it less noticeable. However, if you want and absolutely perfect finish, you may want to stick to a curling iron.

Tapered/Conical Wands
A tapered, or conical, wand is basically a regular curling wand that starts out wide and then gets narrow towards the top. These are great for anyone who has short hair, or for anyone who likes to change up their curls.

Because of the barrel shape, you can do multiple curl styles with one device. If you wrap your hair towards the base, you'll get larger curls. Wrapping your hair towards the tip will get you tighter curls. If you use the whole barrel, tapered wands give you a wide curl on top, that becomes a tight spiral at the bottom. It's a more natural look than the perfect, consistent shape of a regular barrel or traditional iron.

These are also perfect for short hair, as you can utilize only the top portion of the barrel to curl your hair. You won't have to restrict yourself to thin curling wands just because you don't have enough hair to wrap around the barrel.

Marcel Curling Irons
These the top list of the experts' choice as these curling irons allow the experts or users to curl or make waves according to their own wish. A marcel curling iron is a tool with a barrel joined with a shell. Marcel curling iron has a shaft that lets the users rotate the curling iron according to their desired directions.

Mastering the Marcel takes patience and practice, which is why it is most often used by professional stylists. Because the clip rotate a full 365 degrees around the rod, once you've secured the ends of your hair, you can use your fingers to roll the rod up the hair shaft. The marcel iron is great for a careful finish - like those old-Hollywood glamour waves.

Rotating Curling Irons
The concept behind all the best rotating curling irons is pretty similar. You place a portion of your hair into the iron, sliding down the hair shaft as you curl, and the iron automatically rotates, providing a consistent and even curl all along the strands. Rotating curling irons come in a variety of barrel sizes, and many can even be used to create a range of styles. However, rotating curling irons are best for straight or slightly wavy hair types that don't easily become tangled.

Rotating irons from as a straight barrel with various methods for holding hair in place or that feed hair though the device. A good rotating curling iron will create curls quickly and in different directions for a more naturally curly look.

Specialty Curling Wands
These are great tools for those that want to "play" or want a specific type of curl. From crimpers to wavers or spirals, the right tool can make creating the right look easier.

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