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Treating Your Scalp: More Than Just Haircare

Did you know that your scalp is skin? Seems silly to point out, I know, but sometimes we forget that and overcomplicate our hair care routine.

Just like the skin on your face and body the scalp requires special care and attention. Your scalp can sometimes be the "window into your skin needs" and reveal important information about the rest of your skin.


The scalp is made up of five layers, two more than the skin on your body and face. Scalp skin is some of the thickest skin in the body and carries more blood than the rest of your skin and many oil-producing glands that help protect your hair. The scalp can have many of the same skin disorders as your face and body. The most common are scalp psoriasis, eczema, and occasionally acne.

Why It Matters

Your scalp health is directly related to the health of your hair. It's the soil to your plants, meaning a healthy scalp promotes healthy hair growth. Studies show your scalp ages faster by six times faster from over-exposure to direct environmental impacts, such as UVA and UVB rays and pollution.

How to

As with the skin on your face, it is important to start taking care of your scalp as soon as possible. After all, it is easier to prevent damage than to reverse it! Scalp care is often formulated to treat and prevent concerns like dryness, flaking, product buildup, thinning, and even hair loss.

No matter the concern, Beauty Care Choices has solutions and options to help best suit your personal needs! Shop all skin solutions with Beauty Care Choices! Have a question? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Comments & discussion
Wendy B. — I have scalp psoriasis that pops up in the summer. I should try the Mizani scalp care calming lotion.
Brenda W. — Thank you for the information on what products would be helpful.
Jennylyn G. — Thanks for the info!
Anonymous — I'd love to try these. My scalp is sensitive and oily.