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Sebastian Hair Care was started in 1972 by LA Stylists Geri Cusenza and John Sebastian. They wanted to a generation from flower power to fearless hair fashion.

Sebastian's innovative products simplify and put self-expression in your hands. With each passing decade, they have introduced a new lineup of product icons that test the limits of hair creation. Cellophanes was the first hair color that came with choice. Shaper was the world's first any-which-way spray. Potion 9 created the canvas for limitless style, and Eruptek injected hair with expansive clouds of texture. Their newest line, Seb Man, is hair care, styling, and grooming products for men "who refused to be categorized.

In addition to shampoos and conditioners that strengthen hair and build a foundation. Sebastian electrifies and defines with its creative styling products. Their motto: Form it, Flaunt it or Let it Flow!

Whether you want to look Done yet Undone, Grungy but Gorgeous or Perfectly Imperfect, their 30-second effortless routine is made for you! First, wash your hair with Reset Shampoo, then use Preset Conditioner. Finally, apply ShaperID hairspray for your perfect millennial effortless look.

Dark Oil products contain a special blend of oils that smooth and add body to your hair. Your hair will be shinier and have a very silky feel. If it is curly hair, then Twisted are your products. Dedicated solely to curly hair, red seaweed extract infuses curls with elasticity, while Panthenol and Glycerin add moisture, definition, and bounce.

When it comes to daily care, Sebastian delivers too, with formulas to moisturize (Drench), repair & restore (Penetraitt), add volume (Volupt) plus a daily care formula for fine hair (Light) and to create texture (Effortless). You'll find just what your hair needs and your style wants with Sebastian.

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