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Discover Jane Iredale


Amy Mallen, Jane Iredale's educator shares how Jane Iredale Cosmetics and skincare products and supplements take good care of your skin with Jennifer Coy, Beauty Care Choices CEO.

Learn tips to the "five-minute face". Amy demonstrates for all of us.

Jane Iredale is the "Skin Care Make-up". Included is only high performance, clean beauty. What's not in the ingredient list is gluten, parabens, soy or fragrance. It's vegan only, clean before it was cool!

Tune in at these key times to learn about each product individually!

  • 20:00 All about Jane Supplements
  • 26:00 Beauty Prep! All about Janes Beauty Prep line and how to use them!
  • 40:41 The start of your perfect 5-minute face
  • 41:07 Pure & Simple Makeup Kit
  • 44:41 GreatShape Eyebrow Kit
  • 47:25 PureBrow Gel
  • 48:59 Pure Basics Eye Shadow Kit
  • 52:00 All about Jane Iredales Mascaras
  • 56:13 Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sun Screen Stick
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