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Tips & Tricks for Lovable Lips

Lips! They come in many unique shapes, colors, and sizes. Some have lips with a peaked cupid's bow while others may have an undefined cupid bow. Some may have full lips while others have thinner lips. Whatever your case may be, who says you can't have big & juicy, kissable lips? Don't worry; there is no need for lip fillers and lip implants to get your lips looking beautiful and plump! We will discuss a few of many hacks and simple tips to easily make your lips look and feel bigger.

When you exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub, you get rid of the 'skin' flakes and dead skin cells on your lips. Not only do you give your lips a more youthful appearance but while scrubbing, you are boosting circulation which gives your lips a natural plump effect and natural rosy tint! Tip: Try slightly buffing the lip scrub on your lips with a clean toothbrush.

Line Your Lips
Overline your lips with lip liner to make them appear bigger but don't over-do it! Focus on the cupids bow area and over line slightly and then join with your natural lip line. In doing this, you won't have to overline your entire lips which will keep your lips still looking natural but with a "fuller" effect.

Use Two Different Lip Colors
Apply the darker shade of the two all over your lips and then take the lighter color and apply in the middle of your lips and blend outward. Doing this trick will give your lips that pouty, plump look.

Line Your Lips with Concealer
After applying your lipstick, outline the outer edges of your lips with a bit of concealer. This simple trick will make your lipstick and lips pop!

Add some highlighter to your cupids bow and center of your bottom lips. The subtle highlight will give the illusion of your lips protruding outward.

We hope these hacks and tips help you to achieve kissable, lovable lips! 💋

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