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In This Case Bigger is Better

Travel-sized products are meant for exactly that, travel. Right now bigger is better and running out of your favorite shampoo and conditioner is far from ideal. Keep those high-maintenance strands happy with the jumbo-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles that will keep your hair happier for much longer.

While the obvious advantage to purchasing larger sizes is the longevity of the product, but it also allows your hair the time to adjust to a formula and see how well it works with your hair long term.

Other benefits to buying bigger are that most liter-sized shampoo's and conditioners have pumps available to pair with them, making them easier to use. You can also use your larger sizes to re-fill your smaller bottles if the liters don't pair well in your shower.

So skip out on the small sizes, and opt for the liters and save a bit of money in the long run and spend less time worrying about finding your favorite!

Shop all liter sets with Beauty Care Choices, because bigger is better!

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