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Hair Solutions for Over-dry Hair


Does your hair appear dull? Is it prone to dryness and easily lose its vibrancy? The key to keeping hair, especially textured hair, hydrated is layering products and applying them where the hair strand is most in need.

Environmental factors like changes in temperature and humidity all contribute to hair looking and feeling dry. Prevent this by protecting hair after every cleanses by using a leave-in moisturizer. Follow with a treatment oil from the mid-length to the ends.

Over-Washing can result in the removal of natural oils. If you need to wash hair daily be sure to use a hydrating mask for 10-20 minutes each week. You may also want to find a conditioning wash or condition before each shampoo instead of afterward.

Prescription medication can affect hair strands and give them a dull appearance. Use a mild clarifying shampoo that still has a healthy amount of moisture and won't strip the hair. Use a good one that gets rid of the surface build-up and helps normalize oil levels. Do this only on an as-needed basis, maybe once per week.

Over-processed hair needs extra special care. A treatment that is formulated to fill in weak areas with a protective shield to provide damage protection without hardening.

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