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Trending Cosmetics 2024 for Beauty Lovers

What else do April showers bring besides, hopefully, May flowers? 2024 cosmetic trend predictions! This year, expect a bloom of stunning skin-enhancing makeup looks. Pastel shades will dominate makeup palettes, with soft pinks, lavender hues, and minty greens making a splash in eyeshadows and lip colors. Iconic looks from past eras are making a comeback, with modern twists. Whimsical and luminous tones will reign, evoking a fairy-like allure with holographic highlighters, pearlescent finishes, and ethereal blushes. Embrace the enchantment of 2024's beauty scene, where April showers truly set the stage for magical transformations.

Pantone has crowned the color of the year for 2024 as Peach Fuzz! This warm, subtle hue is universally flattering across skin tones and perfect for blush, eyeshadow, and lips. The Beauty Care Crew has already seen the wave of peach products hit the shelves with Jane Iredale's newest launch. Their PurePressed Blush in the shades Flourish and Velvet Petal, and the PurePressed Eye Shadow Trios in Honeysuckle and Wildflower.

While Peach Fuzz will steal the show tone-wise and will be present in each trend, this year's trends are more looks rather than one specific trending eye look, lip look, etc. The style we are going to dive into are 90's makeup (yes that's right, it's coming back!), Balletcore, and Mermaidcore.



Think fresh, glossy skin, sparkly lids, pops of aquatic pastels, and fluffy brows. Mermaidcore is a captivating beauty trend that’s not going anywhere. Mermaidcore makeup embodies whimsical, luminous, and fairy-like tones that reflect and play with light. It can be a sparkling eyelid, a highlighted cheek, or a glossy lip.

With a natural base, the eyes are the star of the show! Reach for dewy, illuminating complexion products that enhance your natural beauty and let your skin shine through. If you have oily skin, we recommend using products with higher coverage so your makeup stays in place. We recommend foundations like the Bodyography Sun Defense Tinted Moisturizer or the Jane Iredale HydroPure Tinted Serum.

Add some warmth and dimension to the face with bronzer and a peach or pink-toned blush for a flush of color. We are loving the Sorme Baked Bronzer to give you that fresh-from-the-beach glow, or the La Bella Donna Vision Of Mineral Lights Bronzer. The La Bella Donna has both blushing and bronzing shades! You could also use one of the Jane Iredale blushes we mentioned earlier.

For the eyes, the more shimmery and mythical the better! Light shimmer and pastel tones are ideal for creating that mermaid, fairy effect for the look. To create this, we recommend all of the Beauty Care Crews' favorite glitter shadows, the Bodyography Glitter Pigments. These come in a variety of fun and glitter-packed shades but, to really create that mermaid effect we love Aura Glow, Blue Morpho, Stratus, and Halo.

Finish off your look with a bright highlighter to embody that whimsical look. Great options for highlighter are the Pure Cosmetics Velvet Vixen Highlighter in the shade Moonlight, or the Jane Iredale Glow Time Highlighter Sticks which come in a variety of color options. Add your highlighter of choice to your eyelids, or your brow bone to really give your skin that cohesive glow.



Think soft pastel colors reminiscent of ballet costumes and shades of pink, white, and cream in both matte and shimmery finishes. Balletcore beauty is the romantic update to "no makeup, makeup", and it's universally flattering. Balletcore emphasizes subtle yet impactful touches, with a focus on enhancing natural beauty.

Silky eyeshadows are in this season. We love that the Balletcore beauty looks we've been seeing have incorporated the silky pink texture of ballet shoes into the beauty aesthetic with sheeny eyeshadow in frosted pinks, pearls, and lilacs. Great shadow options to really capture Balletcore would be the Bodyography Crystal Glide Liquid Eyeshadow in the shades of either Moonstone or Rose Quartz for a liquid option. Or for a powder option the Sorme Mineral Botanicals Eye Shadow in the shade Flash or Bronzina.

For the blush tones, monochrome makeup is trending in its own right but it works beautifully with Balletcore beauty. Think pretty blush and pink shades that are repeated on eyes, lips, and cheeks. The Sorme Long Lasting Blush has wonderful shade options for every skin tone. Another great blush option is the Bodyography Blush which has more options for brighter pink shades.

The skin should be sheeny with Balletcore makeup looks. As with silky eyeshadow, sheeny skin references the sensorial glamour of lustrous ballet slippers, but applies it in a soft, wearable way to the skin, creating illumination with fresh foundations and tactical highlighting. The Pure Cosmetics Velvet Vixen Highlighter in the shade Moonlight, or the Jane Iredale Glow Time Highlighter Stick would also be great for creating this look. For the Jane Iredale, the shade Solstice is stunning for Balletcore looks!

Nude-pink lips are in for Balletcore! We've seen glossy lips and soft-matte lips when it comes to this trend, but one thread that weaves the look together is a nude-pink lip shade, whether it's amped up with a frosted shimmer, or a more natural rose-bud finish. The La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Colour in the shades Nude and Shella are stunning nude lips stick options for creating this style of look. Other great options are the Pure Cosmetics Pure Illumination Push Top Light Up Lip Gloss in the shade Nude Beach to add that much-wanted shimmer or the Bodyography Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick which has an entire nude collection to suit your skin tone best.

90's Makeup

90's Makeup

Think frosty eyes, well-defined lips, heavy eyeliner, and pastel shades. We are beginning to relive the iconic ’90s makeup trends, and we are here for it!

90's makeup draws inspiration from the iconic stars and supermodels of the decade. Frosty eyes and lips certainly defined the era, and we can’t forget about the heavy lip liner, a bold statement that redefined lips, adding that edge to a pout. Of course, brown lips truly captured the essence of the ’90s, and thin brows were the epitome of chic.

If the '90s had a color palette, it was iridescent lilacs and frosted silver. The eyebrows will be dramatically structured and squared off at one point, and for the eyes browns and taupe are firm favorites, as well as pale gray and even icy blue, but it can be tricky to pull them off. For the brows, we recommend a pencil to really achieve that shape look. The Bodyography Epic Brow and the Chella Eyebrow Pencil help you do just that! For eyeshadows, the Bodyography Glitter Pigments offer a wide variety of pastel glitter shades, as well as the Bodyography Expressions eyeshadows.

The skin can feature a flush of color or a warm, softly bronzed sculpted look. For the bronzer, the Jane Iredale Glow Time Bronzer Sticks work great and blend easily with a brush, sponge, or your finger. Another great option is the Sorme Believable Bronzer to get a more warm bronzed peach look.

Lastly the lips! Go for deep browns or taupes, regardless of what your lipstick color will be. Draw along the lip line and fill in the outer corners slightly, then blend with your little finger into the lip. Either top with a clear lip balm that isn’t too glossy or a lip color that is more on the nude side. Make sure to push the color into your lips with a finger to mattify it slightly. Other color options are 90s red or plum. We love the Sorme Smearproof Lip Liner for this as they have a killer selection of nude liners. Jane Iredale also has a few nude options in their Lip Pencil. For lipsticks, the La Bella Donna Mineral Light Lip Colour, Pure Cosmetics Pure Illumination Push Top Light Up Lip Gloss, and the Bodyography Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks used in Balletcore would also work for 90-inspired makeup. For just a light gloss option, use the Jane Iredale HydroPure Hyaluronic Acid Lip Treatment or the Pure Cosmetics Pure Lano Natural Lip Treatment to also give your lips a boost of hydration and subtle shine. Another great option is just a lip balm like the ToGoSpa Balm.

We love how makeup changes and morphs every year, giving beauty lovers new inspiration. Discover stunning new cosmetics that redefine beauty at Beauty Care Choices. From innovative textures to stunning color palettes, stay effortlessly on trend with our wide selection of cosmetics. Dive into the latest looks and shop these amazing cosmetics and more. Elevate your beauty game with Beauty Care Choices!

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