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Alcohol-Free Hairspray

Kenra Professional has just introduced its Shaping Hairspray 21, the first professional NO ALCOHOL working hairspray. This is a big deal for those who use hairspray frequently. Why?

First, we need to define a couple of words.

  • A finishing hairspray dries quickly. It is meant to be used when hair is completely styled.
  • A working hairspray dries less quickly. It is meant to be used to shape and style hair.

We all know alcohol can dry out your hair. Alcohol is very effective at removing oils and anything oil-like from hair. This is a major down-side of alcohol in any formula. Alcohol is also a solvent that does cause hair to swell, so if hair is too well-cleaned and not protected by emollients (silicones, oils, some conditioning ingredients), the hairspray can encourage dehydration, dullness, and loss of elasticity. However, a finishing spray containing alcohol doesn't really harm the hair if applied properly - hold can 8-12 inches from the head as you spray.

Alcohol in a working hairspray will stay on the hair longer. If you are using your working spray to style, you likely may also be using heat styling tools. Since the working spray is not meant to dry quickly, the alcohol has more chance to dry and dull the hair.

So a working hairspray with no alcohol means you have more working time available to style and still be effective. It also means you have maximum moisture retention. Kenra's Shaping Spray 21 is extra firm hold and high shine. We love it!

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