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Art of the Beard and Shave

Having a killer beard takes effort, time, and patience to refine your beard. We have a few tips and tricks to help you achieve that killer beard.

Our first tip is to be patient. Growing out your beard to start with can require time for the hair to grow out. Typically you want to leave your beard untouched for 4-6 weeks. This will allow for the hairs to grow out more evenly, some may grow faster than others. With that being said everyone's hair grows at different rates, but a healthy lifestyle, good diet, and exercise can help the process a bit.

Match your beard to your face shape. Your beard should be in tune with its surroundings so shaping it to match your facial contours will make your beard look better and so will you! Next, you will need to know when and how to trim your beard to keep it healthy and happily growing. Pruning is essential to a well-groomed beard"”even if you plan on growing it out. Invest in a quality trimmer, and find the right technique to suit your master plan.

Washing Your Beard

Wash your beard regularly, but not with your shampoo or body wash. I know it's easier to do and all in one while you're on the go, but your beard needs a little extra attention. Regular shampoos and body washes can be too aggressive for your beard as it needs all the essential oils your skin produces to keep it healthy. But you need to wash it to keep a healthy skin cell turn over so that the skin beneath your beard stays healthy and hydrated. We recommend a wash specifically for your beard like Gibs Man Wash BHB. It's more on the gentle side and won't strip out all the natural oils in your beard. Follow that with beard oil.

Beard Oils

Beard oils will be your best friend. But it may take a little time to find the right oil for you. Beard oils not only moisturize your beard hair but also provides hydration for the skin beneath. While the hair is important, so is keeping the skin under the beard happy and healthy. If your skin is dry and irritated you may experience "beard dandruff" which can be uncomfortable. By applying one to two pumps of beard oil to your beard daily it will help to keep everything moisturized and healthy, which will promote your beard to keep growing thick and shiny.

Learn to train your beard. Keeping up with your regular trims to maintain the shape your liking is the first step, but it's not the only way to keep your beard in line. Daily brushing with a comb or beard brush will help wrangle stubborn hairs and train them to grow in a downward direction. Don't forget your mustache! Growing out an epic beard also means growing a mustache. To keep your mustache looking neat, it is recommended to trim it every three to four days to keep those stray hairs at bay. It is easy to keep up with if you have small grooming scissors or facial scissors.

If you want to get a killer beard, then try this set! Featuring three Gibs signature products to aid in beard and hair care.

Gibs Ruff & Tuff Dad Set

  • Man Wash BHB 12 oz
  • Bush Master Beard, Hair & Tattoo Oil 1 oz
  • Sharp Dressed Mane Shave Gel 4 oz

You have all the information to help you grow your healthy thick beard, you can find all the tools you need on Beauty Care Choices!

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