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Thank you for being a Beauty Care Choices loyal customer; A BCC VIP! We hope you like this hair pick! It is a surprise token of our gratitude for your loyalty to You can use this hair pick in many ways on every hair type that is why we chose to send you this gift!

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Did You Know:
  • Hair picks make an ideal comb for wet, damp, or dry hair.

  • They are great at distributing products through wet hair without creating frizz. Use your hair pick to make sure your mask saturates every strand!

  • If you style with a texturizing cream, curling cream, or hydration cream, hair picks are a great way to comb through your styling products, providing a gentle detangle for your towel-dried or damp hair.

  • Your hair pick is also perfect for defining curls and waves in dry hair. Let your hair dry, then use your pick to break up the product for more natural flowing hair.

  • Hair picks are useful for teasing and volumizing. For a quick root boost, grab your pick and backcomb at the root to create a soft root lift.

  • Use your pick to design up-do styles. Lift the hair with the pick and spray product to define your style or smooth those flyaways.

  • To add volume to a braid, grab your pick! Slide the pick under sections of the braid and gently loosen the brand; this is called pancaking.

  • If you have any other questions about your pick or how to use it follow us on TikTok or Instagram to see our videos on how we use our picks!

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