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Best Hair Cut for Your Face Shape

Ever look at a picture of a celebrity's hair and think "that's my next hair style." So, off you trot to the salon with pics in hand. Before you let your stylist get a little too scissor-happy, you might want to consider these tips. The perfect haircut goes far beyond a few snips here and there. Rather, what makes a hairstyle look so perfect is how it complements your face shape. That's right! Before deciding on your next haircut, whether you're chopping your locks into a short hairstyle, medium hairstyle, or long hairstyle, it's important to consider if it will suit your face first. To help you better understand, consult our guide below. Check it out for your most flattering haircut yet!

First things first: Figure out what kind of face shape you have. Grab a ruler and measure the widths of your brow, cheekbones, and jawline, as well as the length of your face from forehead to chin. Based on your measurements, you'll be able to determine your shape once and for all.

  • You have an oval-shaped face if your face is about the same in width and length, with a slight curve around the edges.

  • You have a round-shaped face if your face is pretty much equal all around without pronounced jaw corners.

  • You have a heart-shaped face if your brows are noticeably wider than your narrow jaw.

  • You have a square-shaped face if the length and width of your face are equal.

Now that you know your face shape, it's time to pick out your new "˜do!

Oval Face:

  • Short haircut: Want to add a bit more definition to your face shape without growing your hair out? Opt for an angular bob that gently grazes your chin for your next cut.

  • Medium haircut: When you're not working with quite as much hair as your long counterparts, you want to do everything you can to create definition and variation. That's where layers come in. Ask your stylist for super-subtle variations that can keep your hair from lying flat against your head without it looking too choppy. Before you know it, your face will be perfectly framed and your hair might even look thicker. To play up your new cut, use a wave-enhancing texture spray.

  • Long haircut: Oval faces look fabulous when framed with a sweeping set of bangs. The added hair over your forehead can make your face appear shorter without having to chop off your precious long locks.

Round Face:

  • Short haircut: To add length to your face to downplay how round it is, ask your stylist for a spiky pixie cut with layers around the crown of your head. While this cut can work for most hair types, we recommend steering clear if you have super-curly hair because sometimes it can get a little too poufy.

  • Medium haircut: Rock the lob! A collarbone-skimming cut can work wonders for your round face shape by creating a slimming effect. When you break up your chin with a nicely angled lob, you can help counterbalance your round visage to give it more of a defined structure.

  • Long haircut: Long, almost inconspicuous layers that start at your jawline can help your hair look fuller, which can take away from the roundness of your face. The trick with layers on round faces is that you don't want to start too high up or you risk adding volume to the sides, which can accentuate your face shape instead of complementing it.

Heart Face:

  • Short haircut: Go for a pixie with closely cut sides and short layers on top. With just enough hair to play with on top, you can rock a gorgeous tousled look that can help draw attention away from your forehead to avoid a top-heavy appearance.

  • Medium haircut: Pair bangs with a collarbone-skimming bob for the ultimate face-framing "˜do. Want to perk it up a bit? Add in a few uniform layers to add volume and body. (Of course, you can boost volume even more with a volumizing shampoo & conditioner!).

  • Long haircut: Long layers with full fringe can give your hair a body boost while preventing strands from lying flat against your head.

Square Face:

  • Short haircut: We love the way a short, layered bob can draw attention towards your key facial features"”hello, cheekbones"”and away from your defined jaw. Keep in mind that if you have thicker hair, your ends could go a little haywire with this cut. Use a finishing oil serum to prevent this.

  • Medium haircut: Lighter layers starting just above your ends will look fabulous! When you pair these feathery layers with the sharp corners of your face, you can downplay the shape while rocking serious style.

  • Long haircut: Since the shape of your face is pretty blunt, you don't want to pair it with a blunt-edged long "˜do. So, what can you do? Say goodbye to harsh angles by softening up your haircut with long, face-framing layers.
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