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Hair is no longer just lightened or's become a fashion trend in a rainbow of neons, brights and pastels. Whether it's the whole head or just a streak or hombre effect, taking care of your colored hair requires the best in color care technology. That's Color Wow!

Whatever your color choice, Color Wow has products to protect, restore, and keep hair looking gorgeously radiant. From taming frizz, to brightening blonde and to solving the myriad problems of color-treated hair, Color Wow has earned a reputation for innovative products that win awards and have become iconic beauty products.

Color Wow sulfate-free shampoo, unlike the vast majority of shampoos, is formulated without silicones, conditioning agents or pearlizing agents which are dulling, darkening, can distort color. They remove impurities that can also impede new hair growth by clogging the follicle! Color Wow Conditioners are created with translucent conditioning agents that won't discolor hair.

Color Wow Cocktails (Kale, Coconut and Carb) are leave-in supplements that help counteract the three major problems caused by color chemicals. You'll want to serve one up every time you shampoo and condition.

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