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One Small Swap

If we all act now to reduce the volume of toxic chemical production & make healthier choices in beauty products we can help our planet.

The current world population is now 7.7 billion as of September 2019 & it's growing by the second, this is according to the most recent United Nations estimates. So how can swapping out just one of your beauty products help? By reducing the number of chemical-based products & opting for a sustainable choice such as botanical soaps & fermented vinegar's, bicarbonate soda or other plant & mineral-based makeups, bath & body care products, together we can all reduce the sheer volume of chemical production worldwide.

If each of us swaps one beauty product for a product that contains sustainable botanicals or biodegradable packaging, imagine the impact.

Take palm oil for example. It's a type of oil that's commonly used in many things, from chocolate to soap, but many conservationists say it's having a big impact on Orangutans, whose forest homes are often cut down for palm oil plantations. Is palm oil necessary in cosmetics? NO. There are so many other oils available that do not cause mass devastation to habitats.

How about eye shadow? If we each bought a Refillable compact, and then choose our palette refills as we needed them, think of all the plastic we would save, not to mention the money!

Just make one change. Encourage your friends to make one change. Together, we can make a big change.

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