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Ingredient: Licorice


Licorice Root Extract is the Natural Option for Delicate Skin. Have you been longing to get rid of those brown spots on your skin that had been embarrassing you for so long? Is that really possible? Just imagine how happy you would be if you could lighten your skin using an all-natural solution! Licorice root extract is 'the wonder herb'.

Licorice root contains around 2-9% glycyrrhizin. Clinical trials have shown that glycyrrhizin, when applied topically, mimics cortisol, meaning that it has a soothing effect on acne-prone skin + redness-reducing effect on sensitive skin.

Licorice contains another potent natural anti-inflammatory agent - licochalcone. The presence of these bio-actives, makes licorice root extract especially beneficial for those who struggle with psoriasis, rosacea and dermatitis. It also regulates the production of oil in your skin, which is extremely beneficial for acne-prone skin types.

Thanks to the high levels of glabridin licorice is an excellent natural skin brightener. Being a phytoestrogen, glabridin serves to prevent hyper pigmentation and dark spots caused by UV radiation. Consequently, products containing glycyrrhiza glare extract are effective, all-natural alternatives to chemical skin lightening agents. They gradually brighten the complexion, to reveal more glowing, clear skin, free of imperfections.

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