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Is Vegan Beauty Better?

The dictionary defines Vegan as: a noun is "a person who doesn't eat or use animal products" and as an adjective is "using or containing no animal products". You may have already chosen a vegan diet, but have you also chosen a vegan beauty regimen?

What you put on your body can be just as important as what you put in it. Remember, your skin is a living, breathing organ that can absorb products directly into your bloodstream, without the benefit of being filtered by the liver & kidneys that detox what we ingest.

Choosing vegan skin and hair products is easier than ever. More and more beauty manufacturers are providing vegan alternatives and new vegan brands are available due to the high demand from consumers. A good vegan product can be just as effective an animal-based product, and indeed, actually be even better for you. Plant-based alternatives contain more vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and hydrate more effectively.

So, what do you look for on the label? First, make sure it says "vegan". Organic or all natural are NOT the same thing. Second, know what you're looking for on the ingredient list. Animal based products often have a vegan counterpart.

  • Keratin:

    Animal Based: Protein from the ground-up horns, hooves, feathers, quills, and hair of various animals. These are in hair rinses, shampoos, and permanent wave solutions

    Vegan: Almond oil, soy protein, amla oil (from the fruit of an Indian tree), human hair from salons. Rosemary and nettle give body and strand strength to hair.

  • Oleic Acid

    Animal Based: Obtained from various animal and vegetable fats and oils. Usually obtained commercially from inedible tallow.

    Vegan: Coconut Oil

  • Squalene:

    Animal Based: Oil from shark livers, etc. These are used in cosmetics, moisturizers, and hair dyes

    Vegan: Vegetable emollients such as olive oil, wheat germ oil, rice bran oil.

When no vegan counterpart is available, beauty product manufacturers often create a synthetic version of the ingredient. For example "“ we all know Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most beneficial hydrators. When it is animal derived it is a protein found in umbilical cords and the fluids around the joints. The synthetic version for vegan alternatives is the exact molecular formula. It's an easy choice.

So, if you're ready to make the move to a vegan beauty regimen, one that is better for your hair, skin, and the planet, then you have lots of quality, safe products to choose from.

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